We are…

We are people, who support the asylum seekers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in other places in Germany, in Europe and African countries since many years. Some of us are Refugees and migrants.

With the NO LAGER TOUR (TOUR AGAINST MASS CAMPS) we want to reach out for those Refugees, who have not a lot of contact with supporters. We want to understand the living situation and report about it.
We want to connect the supporters and bring them closer together.
This Blog should bring information to those people, who know not much about the asylum-system or those who have prejudice against the asylum seekers.

We believe in:

Every human has the right to choose the place, where he or she wants to live.
Equal rights for everyone, no matter which nationality or legal status!
Politics should have the aim to create a good life for all people!

The NO LAGER TOUR wants to show: Enstrenghtening the laws against migrants and shutting down the borders are not the solution for the global problems we face. They distract us from real problems: Growing poverty, exploitation, war, climate catastrophes.

For the right to stay for everyone!